Cheaters Wheat
"A pale cloudy beer refreshingly spritzy and tart with a delicious creamy frothiness"

3.75 Lb (1.7kg) Thomas Coopers Brewmaster Selction Wheat Beer (Hopped malt concentrate)
1 Lb (454 g) Crosby & Baker - Muntons Light Dried Malt Extract (Color 8 EBC / Lovibond 3.5)
0.64 Lb (290 g) Corn Sugar (LD Carlson)

7g Thomas Coopers Dry Yeast
03607 W

6 gal (would have been better as 5 gal batch)
OG: 1.035 (needs to be higher next time)
FG: 1.010

Boiled Ingredients with 1.5 US Gal (5.7 L) for 30 minutes.
Poured hot fermentables into glass carboy that contained 4 US Gal (15.2 L).
Added additional water to bring level to 6 US Gal (22.7 L).
Measured SG of 1.035.
Waited for temperature to drop to 81 F (27 C) and added dry yeast mix.
Had to wait a couple hours for the temperature to drop as cold water was not cold enough.

Temperature at 0800 was approximately 65 F (18 C).
10 Bubbles a minute.
Fermentation underway, but slow.
Until I moved the carboy to the basement, it had a nice thick yeasty foam floating.

Temperature at 1300 was approximately 73 F (23 C).
28 Bubbles a minute.
Fermentation steady and strong.
Using a ceramic heater to keep temperature a bit warmer than the basement usually is.

Temperature is cold in the morning 65 F (18 C) and warms up to about 73 F (23 C) when I turn the heater on.
Bubble rate yesterday was about the same as on 05-11.
Bubble rate today has slowed slightly... even with increased temperature.
Half of the foam temporarily cleared for about 30 minutes this evening, but is back now.
Pleasant aroma from bubbler. Very fruity. Obvious hints of alcohol.

I plan to add approximatly 164 - 184 grams of glucose (dextrose / corn surgar) for priming after fermentation has stoped.
That equates to about 7-8 grams per Liter.
Still trying to decide.

Temperature at 1730 was approximately 68 F (20 C).
1-2 bubbles a minute.
Fermentation has slowed significantly, and foam has started to clear from surface of beer.
Sweet fruity aroma coming from carboy.

Temperature at 100 was approximately 68 F (20 C).
0.3 bubbles a minute.
Fermentation still moving, but slowly. Color has changed from a light orange to a darker red / orange.
Foam is almost non-existent. Top half inch of liquid is clear / not cloudy.
Aroma is difficult to acquire.

SG today was 1.010 and has been steady, made the decision to bottle.
Bottles have been soaking in bleach solution over night. Rinsed bottles, and dried them in dishwasher.
Transfered beer from fermenter to bottling bucket through siphon. Added 164 grams of dextrose mixed with 500 ml of water as bucket was filling.
Transfered from bucket into bottles with wand. Filled 1"-2" from top of bottle.
Placed cap over bottles, but did not seal for a few minutes to let CO2 push oxygen out of bottles.