Apfel Unter Tisch
"German carbonated hard cider made from Stone's Apple Cider, and a bit of kick!"

6.0 gal (23 l) Stone's Orchard Fall 2008 Appel Cider
1.5 Lb (908 g) Corn Sugar (Dextrose)

White Labs "Sweet Mead Yeast" WLP720
Best Before: Nov 04-08
Lot Number: 1720IPB5672501
<75% Attenuation

Lalvin EC-1118

6 gal Batch
OG: 1.050

Purchased unpasteurized UV filtered cider from Stone's Orchard.
6 gallons of cider transferred to 6 gal (23 L) carboy.
1.5 lb (0.7 kg) of Dextrose (corn sugar) was stirred into cider.
1/2 tsp (2.5 cc) pectic enzyme added to help reduce pectin haze and assist with cellular break down.
1/4 tsp (1.25 cc) potassium metabisulphite was added to kill off wild yeast and bacteria.
Set aside to give meta 24 hours to clear

Temperature at 1130 was approximately 66 F (19 C).
Moved the carboy to the basement.
Took liquid yeast from refrigerator earlier to let it slowly come to room temperature.
Measured OG of 1.050.
2 tsp (10 cc) of yeast nutrient added to carboy.
Poured liquid yeast into carboy.
Covered carboy with blanket to keep light out.

Temperature at 0630 was approximately 75 F (24 C).
White Labs liquid yeast failed to start after 72 hours.
Pitched Lalvin EC-1118.
Vigorous fermentation started within the hour.

Temperature at 1900 was approximately 73 F (23 C).
Very active fermentation which needed blow off tube to handle excess foam and surface yeast.
Foaming has settled tonight, and blow off tube may not be necessary tomorrow.
White Labs yeast may have been viable... Lalvin addition just helped to get it going.
Technically a two yeast batch.

Temperature at 0800 was approximately 70 F (21 C).
Very active fermentation.
Krausen is in control, so blow off tube was removed, and airlock re-attached.

Temperature at 1400 was approximately 70 F (21 C).
Very active fermentation.
Krausen will disapear for awhile and then come back.
Sweet sulfer apple smell coming from carboy.

Temperature at 1400 was approximately 68 F (20 C).
Fermentation has slowed significantly
Transfered to secondary fermenter.
Specific Gravity: 0.995 (%ABV ~ 7%)
Cider is golden orange and cloudy
Flavor is tangy with great apple flavor.

Temperature at 2100 was approximately 61 F (16 C).
Fermentation has not noticable
Cider has been clearing as temperature has slowly dropped from 68 to 61.

Cider has cleared.
Specific Gravity: 0.993 (%ABV ~ 7.5%)
Kegged 5 gallons, and put the other gallon in growlers.
Flavor is nice and tart, and tastes of apples only slightly cloudy.
Alcohol is not noticiable to nose or taste... untill about 5 minutes later.

Cider has a very nice golden amber color with great clarity.
Very noticable cidery apple aroma.
Crisp sparkeling carbonation with light quickly fading head.
Taste is tart but pleasant with a small amount of bitterness from the carbonation.
Continues to get better as time goes by.