Paulaner Hefeweizen
"Paulaner Hefeweizen Clone for the Heinlod family!"

5.00 lb Wheat Extract (LME)
1.00 lb German Pilsner (grain)
1.75 lb Red Wheat Malt (grain)
4.00 oz Munich Malt (grain)
1.00 tsp Irish Moss

1.00 oz Hallertau (309% AA - 3.9 AAU)(60 min)

5.00 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 ea Yeast Turbo Charger Pill

White Labs "Hefeweizen Ale Yeast" WLP300
Washed from Jan Hefeweizen batch.

5.0 gal
OG: 1.05
FG: ??

22.5 Cups of water at 175 F. Adding grain bag brought temp down to mid 140s.
Held temp between 153 and 158 for the next 1 hour and 15 min.
Iodine test never showed complete conversion.
Temperature spiked as high as 165, and as low as 145.

Sparged at 160 - 175 for 15 minutes (22.5 cups of water also).
Combined sparge and mash together with 11 cups of water (3.5 gal total now) and brought to a boil.

Lid was required to create full boil.
Waited for foam to break, but never was able to achieve a complete break.

30 minutes remaining - 1 lb of Wheat DME was added.

25 minutes remaining - hops in clean grain bag to the boil.

15 minutes remaining - Irish Moss was added to grain bag with hops with yeast nutrient.

10 minutes remaining - entire 3 lb bag of wheat dme was added to pot.

0 minutes remaining - 1 gal of cold water to pot.

Cooled pot in sink to 100 F by adding ice around pot and slowly stirring with sanitized spoon.
Poured into carboy (grain bag must have a hole as hops plugged filter).

Added enough water to fill carboy to 4.5 gal to take specific gravity.
SG at 4.5 was aprox 1.068

Added 1 gal of Water
SG at 5.5 gal: 1.053

Pitched yeast (85 F)

Color much darker than expected ~ 22 SRM.

Temperature at ** was approximately ** F (** C).
Very active fermenation. May need a blow off tube
Color has * ~** SRM.
** aroma.

Did to many batches that month.
Yeast starter did very well.
Entire batch fermented down in about a week.
Broke the glass carboy for another batch open that night right before the brew was started.
Mash was not optimum.
Turned a bit on the bitter side since not enough SG when adding hops.
Color and clarity is perfect for style and over all is very drinkable.
Has been kegged for a number of monthis now.
Is enjoyed by those who like german wheat beers.