Moody Maibock
"German strong malty lager made to family specification."

7.00 lb Extra Light Malt (DME)
2.00 lb Weyermann Pilsner Malt (grain)
2.00 lb Dinglemanns Munich Malt (grain)
1.00 lb Briess Vienna Malt (grain)
1.00 tsp Irish Moss

2.00 oz Hallertauer (4.7% AA - 9.4 AAU)(40 min)

5.50 tsp Yeast Nutrient

Rogue Pacman Yeast
Harvested Rogue Chocolate stout on a stir plate for 48 hours.
Decanted after yeast crash in refrigerator overnight.

5.5 gal
OG: 1.072
FG: 1.010

25 Cups of water at 170 F. Adding grain bag brought temp down to mid 140s.
Held temp between 145 and 152 for the next 2 hours.
Took temps to the lower 160s for the last 20 minutes.

Sparged at 160 - 175 for 10 minutes (25 cups of water also).
Combined sparge and mash (approx ~3 gal total now) and brought to a boil.
Took specific gravity of wort (1.045) to adjust hop time.

Lid was required to create full boil.
Added hops immedaiatly after boil started.

40 minutes remaining - hops in clean grain bag to the boil.

Ater 40 miniutes removed hops and added 7 lbs of DME, yeast nutreient and irish moss.
Continued boil for another 10 minutes. Was not enough time for Irish Moss to disolve.

Cooled pot in sink to 95 F by adding ice around pot for less than 1 hour.
Poured into carboy (grain bag must have a hole as hops plugged filter).

Pitched the yeast into the warm wort. After decanting, the yeast start was
about 1 pint in size.

Added enough water to fill carboy to 4.5 gal to take specific gravity.
SG at 4.5 gal was aprox 1.085

Added 1 gal of Water
SG at 5.5 gal: 1.071

Color ~ 20 SRM. Orangish chocolaty brown.

Temperature at 0600 is unknown.
Strong fermenation. 2" thick Krausen.
Yeast chucnks flying around carboy.
Proteins and debris have settled nicley to bottom of carboy.
Color has lightened ~20 SRM.
Nice fruity / hop aroma.

Temperature at 1200 is unknown (probably 60s-70s).
Strong fermenation. Added blow off tube
Yeast chucnks flying around carboy.
Proteins all over top of caraboy.
Color has lightened ~18 SRM.
Nice fruity / hop aroma.

Temperature at 0600 is unknown.
Strong fermenation. Krausen has diminished.
Yeast starting to flocculate.
Yeast starting to settle to bottom of carboy.

Temperature at 1500 is unknown.
Medium fermenation. No krausen.
Yeast dropping out still.

Been in keg for more than 1 month.
Yeast should have been fermented in cooler conditions.
Beer is bready, and also reminds me of a Belgian beer.
Beer is blanaced, but Hallertauer may not have been the
right choice for bittering.
Beer continues to clear, but is still cloudy.