Blackberry Melomel Mead
"Light Blackberry Mead"

12.00 lb Wild Flower Honey
24.00 Oz Frozen Blackberries

2.00 pkg Lalvin 71B-1122 Yeast (prepared in a honey starter)
6.00 tsp Yeast Nutrient

5.75 gal
OG: 1.080
FG: 1.001

24+ hours before:
2.5 cups of water with 0.5 cups of honey brought to a boil
Yeast nutrient added.
1 pkg of yeast pitched and placed on stir plate
2nd pkg was added to starts to hydrate about
30 mintues before pitching.

1 gal water heated up to 180 F with honey added.
12 oz of frozen berries added.
Yeast nutrient added.

2.5 gal of cold water added to carboy with
12 oz of frozen berries.

Added warm honey/berry water to cold carboy.

SG a 5 gal was 1.090.
Added .75 gal of cold water
SG at 5.75 gal was ~1.078

Pitched yeast starter at ~100 F.

Temperature at 1800 is warm... 75 F.
Strong fermenation started after 4 hours.
Nice fruity / honey aroma.

Temperature at 1100 55 F.
Strong fermenation.
Nice fruity sharp berry aroma.
Berries are starting to turn pale.

Temperature at 1100 53 F.
Strong fermenation.
Sharp berry aroma.
Berries are pale.

Transfered of lees and berries to secondary (about 2 weeks later than should have)
Temperature at 1200 53 F.
Fermenation slow but active.
Slight honey aroma with a hint of sharp berry. Slight yeast aroma.
Warm alcohol without fusels.
SG: 0.999
Mead is cloudy, and color is pale orange-pink.

Mead has been kegged a number of months
Carbonated at 18 psi (high)
Strong wildflower honey aroma.
Perceived sweetness from aroma.
Tang/tart from blackberries.
Slight aftertaste of bitterness from carbonation.