Ziegler's Dunkelweizen
"Rainy Afternoon Dunkelweizen"

6.00 lb Weyermann Wheat Malt (grain)
4.00 lb Weyermann Light Munich Malt (grain)
0.25 lb Chocolate Malt
0.25 lb Flaked Wheat
0.125 lb Quick Oats (Oatmeal)
xxx0.125 lb Cocoa Powder (Did not use) xxx

1.00 oz Hallertauer (3.0% AA - 3.0 AAU)(20 min)
0.50 oz Tettnang (4.8% AA - 2.4 AAU)(15 min)

No Yeast Nutrient to promote yeast stress.

Harvested from April Hefeweizen.
White Labs "Hefeweizen Ale Yeast" WLP300
Best Before: Jul-25-11
Lot Number: 1300PBH9449171

5.50 gal
OG: 1.051
FG: 1.012

1445: Heated up lauter / mash tun with 130G faucet water.
1500: Started acid rest at 97F. ~4 Gallons of water, ~10.5 lbs of grain. (20 min Acid Rest)
1525: Took off 13 qt of grain and starchy slurry and set on stove top. (Thick Mash)
1545: Reached temperature 133. Protein Rest.
1600: Finished holding temperature at 130-133 F for 15 minutes.
1615: Temperature at 162F. Scarification rest.
1715: Temperature is still at 161F after covering pots with towels.
1750: Boil Started.
1755: Moved enough to Lauter / Mash tun to bring temperature to 155F (Couple qt or so left in pot... tun at 92F)
1815: Rest of decoction placed in tun (Temp of decoc was ~180F... temp of mash ~153F... :\)
1915: Strained off some mash (~6.5 quarts) to boil/decoct for mash out. Temp was ~151F (a bit low)
1935: Decoction brought to boil and added to mash / lauter tun. Temperature 166F (15-30 min Mash Out).
2000: Started to draw off wort
2030: Finished batch sparge with 3.25 gallons of 175F water.
2030: SG of first pot (Didn't take) ... Started boil of first pot.
2040: SG of sparged pot 1.028 (Would have been higher, but first sparge went in first pot)... started boil of second pot.
2045: First pot boiling
2055: Second Pot boiling... added hops (1.0 oz) to lower gravity pot
2055: Started cooling first pot.
??: first pot at 85F
??: finished boiling hops (20 min H and 15 min T)
??: second pot at 85F

Both pots of wort filled bucket (not carboy this time) to 5.25 gal. Took specific gravity.
SG at 5.25 gal: 1.053

Added 0.25 gal of Water
SG at 5.50 gal: 1.051

Pitched yeast (82 F) (Left over from previous batch at bottom of carboy)

Color +20 SRM. Chocolate brown to coffee black.

2200: done (dried out some spent grain to use as mushroom substrate)
2315: Fermentation activity noted.

Temperature at 1800 is 72F.
Fermentation very active. Foam bubbling through air lock.
Added blow off tube.
4" krausen with wisps of yeast floating on surface.
Color is light chocolaty.
Aroma is malty clove/bannana with spicey hop notes.

Keg empty... batch was delicious. Dark and tangy. May reduce wheat slightly next batch. (Probably not)