Pumpkin Ale
"You Don't Know Jack"

5.50 lb Weyermann Vienna Malt (grain)
3.00 lb Weyermann Light Munich Malt (grain)
1.00 lb Briess Caramel Malt (20L) (grain)
0.50 lb Weyermann Wheat Malt (grain)
45.0 oz Libby's Canned Pumpkin (adjunct)
3.00 tsp pumpkin pie spice

0.50 oz Willamette (4.8% AA - 2.4 AAU)(~50 min @ 1.025 wort)

Re-pitch of September Oatmeal Stout yeast.

White Labs "English Ale Yeast" WLP002
Best Before: Nov-13-11
Lot Number: 1002IEBCHEA1

5.5 gal
OG: 1.054
FG: 1.011 (5.7% ABV)

1700: Heated up lauter / mash tun with 130G faucet water. Heated up 3.8 gal of mash water to 171F.
1730: Started mash. 3.75 Gallons of water, 10 lbs of grain 2.8 lbs of Oven roasted canned pumpkin. 155F Mash temp.
1830: Temperature 154F.
1845: Temperature 154F. Took of 7.5qt of mash to boil for mash out.
1900: Added decoction to mash tun for mashout. Temperature 168F.
1920: Started first running.
1935: First running complete and on stove.
1940: Started second running.
1950: Second running complete
2015: Added hops to second running. 0.5oz Willamete @ 1.027
2030: Started cooling first pot.
2100: Placed first post in bucket @ 85F. Pitched yeast. (Odd smell from re-used yeast... fruity alcohol)
2130: Removed hops. Started cooling second pot.
2140: Moved second pot into bucket.

Both pots of wort filled bucket (not carboy this time) to 5.5 gal. Took specific gravity.
SG at 5.5 gal: 1.054

Added 0.0 gal of Water
SG at 5.50 gal: 1.054

Pitched yeast (85 F) before second pot was added to bucket.

Color ~10 SRM. Cloudy Orange.

2230: Fermentation has started.

Transfered from bucket to carboy. Thick krausen hop residue and protiens left behind.
Temperature at 1000 is 75F.
Fermentation very active.
Creamy white foam.
Color is brownish orange and cloudy with yeast.
Aroma is malty with hints of spice.

Temperature fairly stable at 68F.
Fermentation very active for couple days, slowed by end of week.
Yeast dropping out
Color is brownish orange and clarifying.
Aroma is malty with hints of spice.

Moved to Keg.
SG 1.011 - ~5.7% ABV
Uncarbonated flavor and aroma tangy with slight hint of pumpkin and spice..
Hop bitterness minor only on the after taste.
Color dark orange/brown.