Ziegler's Hefeweizen
"Versuch Reinheit"

5.50 lb Weyermann Wheat Malt (grain)
2.50 lb Weyermann Vienna Malt (grain)
2.00 lb Weyermann Light Munich Malt (grain)

1.00 oz Hallertauer (4.6% AA - 4.6 AAU)(~25 min @ 1.024 wort)

White Labs "Hefeweizen Ale Yeast" WLP300
Best Before: Feb-12-12
Lot Number: 1300TABHAANB2

5.75 gal
OG: 1.044
FG: 1.011 (4.38% ABV)

1030: Heated up lauter / mash tun with 130F faucet water. Heated up 3.8 gal of mash water to 170F.
1115: Started mash. 3.8 Gallons of water, 10 lbs of grain. 158F Mash temp.
1130: Temperature 158F.
1215: Temperature 154F. Took off ~5qt of mash to boil for mash out.
1230: Added decoction to mash tun for mashout. Temperature 165F (Short of 168F).
1250: Started first running.
1255: First running complete and on stove. Started batch sparge and second running.
1300: Second running complete
1315: First running boiling. SG of second runnings 1.024
1355: Added hops to second running. 1.00oz Hallertauer @ 1.024
1355: Placed first post in bucket @ 80F. Pitched yeast.
1420: Removed hops. Started cooling second and third pot
1445: Moved second and third pot into bucket.

All pots of wort filled bucket (not carboy this time) to 5.5 gal. Took specific gravity.
SG at 5.75 gal: 1.044

Added 0.0 gal of Water
SG at 5.75 gal: 1.044

Pitched yeast (80 F) before second pot was added to bucket. Bucket was moved out to 55F basement corner.

Color ~18 SRM. Dark Brown.

0600 Slow ferementation noted.
Temperature ~60F.

Temperature at 1600 is 60F.
Fermentation very active.
Transfered from bucket to carboy.
Yeast heavily in suspension.
Flavor was sweet .
Color is a tan light brown.

Moved carboy to room temperature.
No fermentation noted.

In Keg... great bacth.
Light color
Fruity Aroma
Tangy refreshing taste.

Spent extra time on carboy due to early warm ferment and SO2 aroma.
SO2 is not noticable not that brew is in keg.