Ziegler's Hefeweizen
"Nierenstein Reiniger II"

5.50 lb Weyermann Wheat Malt (grain)
2.50 lb Weyermann Vienna Malt (grain)
2.00 lb Weyermann Light Munich Malt (grain)

1.00 oz Hallertauer (4.6% AA - 4.6 AAU)(25 min @ 1.021 wort / ~13 IBU)

White Labs "Hefeweizen Ale Yeast" WLP300
Best Before: Aug-04-12
Lot Number:
Used Yeast Nutrient (5 tsp) [Found that too much stress creates sulfer compounds that take too much time to clean up. Yeast nutrient helps to keep strees down while still allowing esters to come through with temperature stress.]

5.75 gal
OG: 1.044
FG: ?.??? (?.?% ABV)

0930 0530: Heated up lauter / mash tun with 130F faucet water. Heated up 3.75 gal of mash water to 169F.
1005 0625: Started mash. 3.75 Gallons of water, 10 lbs of grain. 153.0F Mash temp. (Theoretical was 156F... losing ~3.5F to mash tun)
1045 0645: Temperature 153.0F.
1155 0825: Temperature 150F. Iodine test showed conversion. Took off ~6.2qt of mash to boil for mash out.
1210 0845: Added decoction to mash tun for mashout. Temperature 168.5F.
1230 0910: Started first running.
1236 0925: First running complete and on stove. Started batch sparge and second running.
1250 0930: Second running complete and on stove. SG of first runnings 1.070
1255 0940: First running boiling. SG of second runnings 1.021
1300 0950: Started cooling first running.
1315 1005: Second running boiling.
1325: Placed first pot in bucket @ 75F. Pitched yeast. (Pleasant fruity clove aroma from starter)
1330 1020: Added hops to second running. 1.00oz Hallertauer @ 1.021
1355: Removed hops. Started cooling second pot
1420: Moved second pot into bucket.

All pots of wort filled bucket (not carboy this time) to 5.75 gal. Took specific gravity.
SG at 5.75 gal: 1.044

Added 0.0 gal of Water
SG at 5.75 gal: 1.044

Pitched yeast (75 F) before second pot was added to bucket.

Color ~18 SRM. Tan Brown.

1530 Slow ferementation noted.
Temperature ~75F.

Temperature at 1600 is 70F.
Fermentation very active.
Transfered from bucket to carboy.

Temperature at 1600 is 68F.
Blow off clean up.
Nice fruity esters and spicy hop aroma

Temperature for the past week has been ~65F - 68F
Fermentation has slowed
Pleasant aroma through fermentation