1600: Mixed 4 TBS with 1 Gal of whole milk & warmed up fermenter with 55F (130 F) water. Sanitized jars in starsan.
1630: Scalded milk at 88C (190F). Sanitized 6oz container of plain yogurt in starsan.
1645: Cooled milk to 50C (122F). Added yogurt starter. Whisked into milk thoroughly.
1650: Replaced water in fermenter with 55C (130F) water.
1655: Filled 4 quart sized jars and 1 half pint. Placed in 50C (122F) fermenter water.
2005: Temp of fermenter is 40C (105F). Yogurt gelled. Whey separation when stirred. Placed in refrigerator.

Flavor had tang of yogurt with creamy richness of whole milk. Structure was delicate, but easy to eat with a spoon.

Techniques from: http://biology.clc.uc.edu/Fankhauser/Cheese/yogurt_making/YOGURT2000.htm