Dandelion Wine
"Sore Thumbs"

300.0 g Fresh picked dandelion petals
3.00 ea zested and peeled and sliced oranges
1.00 ea juiced orange
2.00 ea zested and peeled and sliced lemons
1.00 ea juiced lemon
1.00 lb raisins
1.00 lb golden raisin
3.00 lbs cane sugar
3.00 lbs dextrose

1.00 pkg Lalvin 71B-1122 Yeast (direct pitch after hydration)

~2.5-3 gal
OG: 1.120
FG: ?

Picked about 6qts of dandelion heads, and removed greens to keep just petals
Boiled 2gal of water and steeped petals for 30min
Removed most of the petals
Added fruit and sugars and brought to boil
Added water ~3/4gal to drop SG from 1.135 to 1.120
Added yeast that had been hydrated first.
Yeast pitched at 100F.

Thought fermentation started, but not activity in morning, that is when I dropped SG.  

Temperature at 0600 is cool... 70 F.
No signs of fermentation.  
No aroma